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 Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs 2021

The Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs is a government organization briefly as PCG. There are two main sectors of the Pakistan Coast Guard serving parallel. This is one of six departments serving in uniforms. The first one is Maritime Security Agency, which is accountable to conduct search and rescue operations in the deep Sea, and their supreme mission to depend on coastal areas during military operations for Maritime Law enforcement in national and international water. Secondly, the army’s Coast Guard is responsible for a policing role in preventing criminal activities like taking initiative in smuggling, illegal immigration, and  Human trafficking, etc. the Marine Wing is established in Karachi commanded by a lieutenant commander of the operations branch. Pakistan Coast Guard s protect the country from any disorder or wrong leads. A country can’t run smoothly and efficiently without these soldiers. It’s also an utmost duty of the Pakistan Coast Guard is to sustain the constitutional law on Pakistan’s beaches and patrolling the riverine platforms while the Pakistan Coast Guard has been announced the latest jobs in 2021. The department needs some brave and devoted youngsters who are willing to join and serve the nation wholeheartedly and ensure their safety. Are you waiting for Pakistan Coast Guard jobs and want to perform your best role? there is an admirable opportunity for you. Latest Pakistan Coast Guard jobs 2021 advertisement opportunities are being inviting applications. Take a drive and apply for Pakistan Coast Guard jobs 2021 by simply fill the Pakistan Coast Guard jobs 2021 advertisement application form and become part of this struggling and honorable field. Under the responsibility of the Military security agency(MSA) warfare sea-based search and rescue mission, enforcement of the admiralty standard in the international water, and preventing Armed pirating falls.


Pakistan Coast Guard History & About Coast Guard Jobs 2021

From 1947-1970, an obligation for the defense of law enforcement was on Pakistan Customs, and the purpose was to prevent the smuggling of banned items into and from Pakistan. In 1958, the coastline extended up to 1000 kilometers when Gwadar became a part of Pakistan. The extended peripheries made the task of sea customs more difficult. As a result, Pakistan Coast Guard headquarter was set up in Karachi. June 1971, the year in which Coast Guard headquarters inaugurated. Now, the Pakistan Coast Guard department became the most important part of the Pakistan Interior Ministry.

Its constitutional status occurred through the parliamentary protocol and became a federal law enforcement agency in 1973 which is known as the Pakistan Coast Guard act 1973. Now as a whole, Pakistan Coast Guard is spread all over to safeguard the coastal belt of 1050 km as well as up to 12 NM territorial waters of Pakistan. Pakistan Coast Guard has been equipped with modern communication and surveillance equipment including radars to perform effective.

Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs Basic Requirements For Selection 

The advertisement for the latest Pakistan Coast Guard jobs published on 10th January 2021. The senior-most rank in this department is DG. Under the supervision of the DG officer latest vacancies announced.

While applying for the said department PCG must keep in mind the basic selection criteria. Which includes qualification, physical and mental fitness, the minimum and maximum age for different types of vacancies in the department.

Pakistan Coast Guard salary and designations

If you qualify all requirements to select for posting, the first and most important thing that comes to mind is Salary. Salary brings a feeling of security and allows them to accomplish. The salary for employees in this department starts at 20000 and increases according to the rank. Pakistan Coast Guard jobs 2021 includes designations ;

  1. soldiers (General Duty)
  2. soldiers(nursing)
  3. soldier (Clerk)
  4. soldier (Carpenter)
  5. soldier (auto Electrician)
  6. Religious teacher
  7. NC’s(E)
  8. Mochi
  9. Barbar 

      And Many More

You have this golden opportunity to contribute to the development of Pakistan and do not let this opportunity go to waste.

Outcome and Guidance:

Surely this is the job of your choice that you would like to join. You may be thinking, that Pakistan Coast Guard   Jobs 2021 are the job which you are willing to apply to be chosen.  It is time to apply for this job and get the start procedure. For this purpose, you just need to download the Pakistan Coast Guard Job Application Form 2021. From the Official website ( and fill it carefully and properly. My suggestion to you is to first write your information on a register and then look at this information and fill out your form so that there is no room for error.

After Filling The Required Coast Guard Jobs Form to download the challan and this challan can be sent to any bank.  Attach instead of submitting and sending the necessary documents.  Go to headquarters and then wait for the test.  You have to appear in a written test which is compulsory for the next process for selection. It is noticeable that only candidates who can pass the exam can move forward and another important thing is that if you give any wrong information you are rejected and your eligibility can expire for this act. After passing the test only shortlisted candidates will be selected for an interview and after that, you will be required to take a medical test, if you defy the medical test you will miss the chance.  After the medical examination, you will receive your appointment letter in the training period. This information will be helpful to apply and complete the process ahead.  Pakistan's Coast Guard Jobs 2021 is a great opportunity to serve your city and name the election fighters who make them proud.  Start by completing the Pakistan Coast Guard Job Application 2021 and then if you are the best candidate you will be selected. As a part of this respectable organization, you should be proud of yourself because you are the person who is leading Pakistan to success. In the presence of these soldiers, our Pakistani citizens live a peaceful life. May those who protect the borders and waters of our country always be happy and prosperous. Best wishes for your interview and selection and hope you succeed and serve the country and the nation well. Surely, you will avail of this opportunity with full attention in the best way. 



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