What is SEO? || Search Engine Optimization 2020 - Why is SEO Important

What is Seo?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" Today in this article I will tell you what is SEO and how to do it. If you have a website that you did not SEO on your website, it will never rank in the Google search engine. To rank in Google, you need to have SEO. If you don't know how to do SEO then you are at the right place I will tell you A-Z. Below are the names of the things we are going to learn today.

  1. Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools
  2. What Is SEO And Why It Is Important?
  3. How Do you do SEO for a website?
  4. Free Quality Backlinks
  5. What SEO Means?
  6. Seo Friendly Article
  7. What Is Seo Title
  8. External Linking
  9. Internal Linking
  10. Social Sharing
  11. On-Page SEO
  12. Off-Page SEO
  13. Backlinks

What Is SEO And Why It Is Important?

First of all, we will talk about what SEO is and why it is important. Here is a set of rules that will help your website grow in search engines. It brings traffic to your website.SEO makes your website friendly. And it improves the quality of your website.SEO helps to rank your website in the top pages of Google. And so it is very important to SEO the website.

How Do you do SEO For A Website?

I first check the speed of my website. And I get backlinks for my website from other big websites. And I write standard articles on the website. Then I have external linking or internal linking for my website. And at the same time, you get On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO will be your website. And the most important thing is that you have to find keywords for your website so you have to use these tools. (1)Ahrefs (2)Moz (3)Keywordtool.io (4)Google Keyword Planner (5)Alexa Rank. These tools are the best.

What SEO Means?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to get something, you work day and night for it, just like if you want to rank your website in Google So for that you need to learn SEO.


If you want your website to rank quickly, you need to create backlinks. There are two types of backlinks. (1) You can create your own backlink by visiting another website and commenting on it. (2) On other websites where you have the opportunity to create a profile, you can go to it and create your profile and give your backlink inside it. (3) The third way is that if you are writing an article that ranks on your website, you can also rank it by giving links to other articles inside the ranked article.

Free Quality Backlinks

If you want to get a backlink from the High DA website for free then you have to go to these websites and write guest posts and in this post, you have to give the link to your website. This way you will get website links for your website and increase the DA of your website. This way you can create high-quality backlinks for the website.

External Linking

If you link any article of your website to another website, it is called External Linking. And you share the link on social media And different platforms where you can share your website link will be called External Linking.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking means you link your own article to another article. This is called Internal Linking. Internal Linking is important and must be done with regard to SEO. The advantage of Internal Linking is that if one of your articles ranks on Google, it will rank all your articles due to the ranking of this article.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO improves your website. With On-Page SEO, your website gets ranked in search engines and gets more traffic to your website. Due to on-page SEO, the article of your website ranks quickly. In Google search engine. In On-Page SEO, you have to pay attention to 2 things. Backlinks and Keywords.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO you have to SEO the article of your website. Within Off-Page SEO you have to keep the title tags of your website articles very good. This article goes to Internal Linking which must be linked to another article. Inside, you have the keywords that match your topic.

Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools  

Google Search Console is a Google product that allows you to index your website within Google and tell Google that I have created a new website today Google Please index my website on Google then Google will check your article, if it likes it, it will share the article inside Google and it will also increase the ranking of the website, then your website will be of great benefit. Bing Webmaster Tools is a product of Microsoft. Its function is the same as that of Google Search Console. Google Search Console ranks a website on Google and Bing Webmaster Tools ranks a website on Microsoft. Microsoft is a separate search engine and Google Is a separate search engine.


What Is Seo Title

It is important that the title of the article on your website is also good. If the title is SEO friendly then it will help you a lot in ranking. If you use keywords in your article that have less competition, you can use them in the title of your article to rank on the first page.


Keywords are the best if you have the best keywords for your website. If you find the rank of your website increases the chances that you can rank on Google in fifteen days, you can be on the first page of Google. There are also some tools available through which you can find the best keywords for your website and they will pay you to buy them and you will find them easily in the online market. Ahrefs tool is the best and if you want to buy it in Pakistan you will get it at the rate of one thousand rupees per month then you can do keyword research on it.


Seo Friendly Article

If you are writing an article for your website then I will tell you how you should write. First of all, you have to write an article of one thousand words for your website and within this article, you have to add keywords and also have an SEO friendly article that will rank quickly.

Social Sharing

If you have written an article and it is not getting traffic then you need to start sharing your website Social Sharing. Social Sharing means that for your article you have to share the link of the article on WhatsApp Instagram Facebook Twitter. And this is how social traffic will start coming to your website. Google will find that traffic is coming to this website. Google will also start ranking your website. Google will start ranking your site within 15 to 30 days on the top page.



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